What is Lewd City Girls?

Retro games with a simple plot and characteristic graphics have become quite popular again. Lewd City Girls matches the exact description and follows the story of a schoolgirl who wants to meet her boyfriend. 

The female-led beat-em-up game is rare for multiple reasons; it features a creative school hall interface and an attractive student with red hair and a blue-black uniform on which she sports a red tie. This is an erogenous parody game in which the main focus is choosing the right time to beat up the boys who are holding her captive and choosing to have sex with them instead.

What's New in Lewd City Girls?

Exciting Pixelated Adult Scenes 

The game will expose you to multiple adult intimacy scenes displaying pixelated naked men and Kyoko, our main protagonist, engaging in combat sex. 

For those who love retro, pixel graphics, this easy-to-play game gives you complete control over how and where you engage with suitable partners. Unlike in an RPG game, you don’t have to wait to get to the good parts! 

Short Gameplay

The game can be finished in one setting that takes about 20 minutes. 

But if you want, you can take your time engaging with all these different guys in as many ways as you fancy and keep beating them up until you have unlocked all your outfits! The simple game makes it a great option to play leisurely while commuting to work or taking a short break between studies!

Win Cute Underwear After Each Fight

Kyoko is in complete control of when she wants to strip her clothes and which underwear she wishes to wear. Beating guys and collecting points, players can continue to purchase new underwear and bikinis from the nearby vending machine. The more she engages in oral sex and wears attractive clothing, the more powerful she is with her promising blows and kicks!

Arousing Expressions and Movements

Even though this is an original retro parody of the ‘River City Girls,’ the characters come with entertaining expressions that will fire you up! The boys look wholly dominated, and you can check the amount of pleasure Kyoko gets by looking at her face at the top left corner of the user interface.

Easy-to-use, Attractive Interface

The game only includes one set, that being the school hallway. Antagonistic boys keep running towards Kyoko, but players only need to use the space button and X button, along with three or four more keys, to play it till the end.

There aren’t many skills to monitor either; you will find your Power scale and SP meter in the top left corner next to Kyoko’s face. 

Full Game Walkthrough

There is little to understand about this game, but here is everything you can expect from your journey.

  • Kyoko is a cool, fighter school girl who wants to meet her boyfriend but is held back by the guys in the neighborhood who do not want her to engage with that guy. 
  • Playing as Kyoko, you will either beat up the guys or engage in different sexual activities with them.
  • Players users will apply a 3-hit combo by hitting the spacebar on these guys to drop them into the background. These guys will then spill multiple packets of condoms from their pockets, which players can collect to earn additional scores at the vending machines. 
  • Players build up their SP meter by choosing to wear fewer clothes. A sexy outfit makes you more powerful here.
  • The fighting part is relaxing, but so is the choice to give these guys an oral! Start this once the player is already on the ground by clicking on the X button on your keyboard. The astonished expression on their faces only makes it all the more fun. Kyoko also has the option to choose moves like the 69!
  • Players can buy clothes from the points they earn. You can keep playing till you unlock all the outfits!

How to Download & Play Lewd City Girls Game?

lewd city girls

The Lewd City Girls game can be streamed on both your Android and any PC, be it Windows or iOS. Follow these steps to get your software.

  • Go to the Itch.io website
  • The website only allows users who are 18 and above. Click on the button ‘Yes, I am 18 and older’ only if you meet the criteria. 
  • You will be led to a decorative Hot Pink page. Go through the graphics and description to better understand how the game works.
  • Scroll down to locate the blue ‘Download Now’ button, before which you will also find Zip files for Mac and Windows players.
  • You will be asked to select the price you want to play.
  • Once approved, pay the price and start loading the files on your device.
  • Long-press or right-click on the downloaded files to select ‘Run Files’.
  • Now, click on the final Lewd City Girls game and start playing!

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